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<< Oh for sure, perhaps I wasn't entirely clear. I was bitching about two

 1) The lack of panel lines and exchangable fists

  Yep, I agree here. the MSiA Wing has two saber gripping hands (left and
right) and a gun hand(right). I cannot remember if it had closed fists.

 2) The general low quality and poor proportions of the Wing figures vs UC
 maybe I came off sounding like I thought the Wing MSiA's had better
 proportions or something.
 I actually spent some more time fiddling with the Wing and its quite amazing
 how inferior it feels to the Zeta and the Zaku. Way too many cut corners. >>

  I like the Wing's proportains myself. I really like the Zaku one a lot as

  I have to disagree. The Wing is one of my favorite MSiA's(I have the MSiA
version, not the US release). To me, it's just as durable and just as good as
the Zeta. The Wing's of the Wing have never popped out of their joints, the
Zeta's Wings and tall, will not stay on at all for me. Almost everyone that
has the Wing, the MSiA version, seem to really dislike it because of the Wing
problem, but I must have gotten a good one, as it's Wings never even loosen
from their joints. At least the one's I have, the Wing and Tallgeese are the
best of the GW MSiA's/US action figures. My Tallgeese has no floppyness at
all, it's back thrusters stay together very well, it can kneel good and is
very durable.

  Anyone know if there's going to be MSiA version releases of the two Leo's,
Wing Zero, Deathscythe Hell and the Altron? Since I can't find the USA one's,
I'll wait for the MSiA version's to become avaiable online. I know the
Tallgeese II will be, as it's shown on the back of the MSiA Tallgeese.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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