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>> >Bawoo
>> By far the best kit in the line from my subjective
>> point of view, since I love
>> the Bawoo. that doesn't mean I love the wing nutter
>> part of it, in fact, I
>> might just permanently put it in MS mode. But damn
>> if it doesn't look good,
>> not to mention they seem to have solved every
>> problem (nearly) with the original
>> kit.
>i see great potential for a garrick-doga treatment for
>this kit. if i get one, it could stay in ms mode
>permanently, as i never liked transforming mechs in

Honestly, It wouldn't be a great loss, I just love the look of it as an FSS
gundam mecha.

>> >FAZZ
>> It's pretty nice, but I would have wanted it to have
>> more little details and
>> moving parts. as it is, there are a lot of places
>> where they could have done
>> more. Of course, It would have been more expensive.
>> I guess it was a compromise,
>> but I'm not too happy about it.
>well, i'm pretty satisfied with mine. this kit is the
>only thing that's both painful and pleasurable to
>build. i'll say one thing though...for a huge
>release...the zz/fazz sure has a lot of seam lines.

Now that is a disappointing thing. one would have thought they'd found
better ways to hide the seam lines.

>> >Gundam 1.5
>> Now this one rocks! Guys, buy it, of only just for
>> the LEGS. I still can't
>> believe they were able to pull it off.
>and i can't believe the wacky poses i can pull off on
>it. >:) ballerina gundam!


>> >Sazabi
>> I don't care what people say about it being a bad
>> still looks incredible.
>> However, a friend of mine, Luigi did sopme
>> modifications on the ankle parts
>> that made it more poseable...I'll ask him if he can
>> describe what he did..unless
>> he's lurking on the list...LUIGI! you there?
>to be honest, i don't know why people are complaining
>about the sazabi. people complain too much. the kit
>looks damn good if you spend time on it. i've seen
>luigi build the sazabi (in a labor of love) piece by
>piece every day for over a month and it looked very
>impressive without any major retooling. then again,
>the guy HAS been praying for a sazabi for twelve
>years, and has been doing model kit work for far
>longer. :P

I prayed for the new Bawoo since last year. I was rewarded pretty quickly,
thank god.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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