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>'Original Four' is a group whose paranormal abilities are confirmed by the
>Flanagan Agency, the organization founded by the doctor of the same name.
>Such abilities are said to be triggered only after living a life in space:
>auxiliary attributes such as 'empathy', 'dive' (communication ability),
>'intuition', 'forecast', 'authenticate', 'plus' (characteristics of born
>'minus' (characteristics of born evil), 'complex' (stereotype or a fixed
>In some cases, more than one of these abilities, known together as 'The
>can exist in a single person. Such people are called 'Newtypes', and can
be very

interesting! this sounds like some of the more esoteric so called psychic
abilities in real life.

>Please note that, per Tomino's original presentation in First Gundam, these
>attributes are purely perceptual. There's no telekinesis, levitation,
>teleportation or manipulation of matter or energy involved.

And I thank god that there are none. For some reason, I find it hard to
swallow overt psychic abilities in Gundam.

>One interesting aspect of all this is the recurrence of the number four, with
>Lalah Sung now seemingly the fourth -- if I had to guess at the order, I'd
>Shalia Bull, Cuzco Al, Cranvul Carleah and Lalah Sung, in descending order of
>apparent chronological age. This would make Lalah "Flanagan #4" -- an
>of Four Murasame ("Murasame #4") in Z Gundam.

Would she have been Four if she hadn't died? I wonder...

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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