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>Camille: My liege, I believe I have a plan....
><construction noises eminate from all around>
>A large wooden Haro is wheeled out and placed in front of the castle.
>Char: Right. So what happens now?
>Camille: Well, we wait until nightfall, and then Amuro, Reccoa, and I leap
>out of the Haro, taking the French compeltely by surprise. And not only by
>surprise, but completely unarmed!
>Char: Who leaps out of the Haro?
>Camille: Amuro ... Reccoa ... and ........ I....
>Char: Oh no...
>Camille: Look, perhaps if we built a large wooden Hygog..
><SPROING! the giant wooden Haro is catapulted out of the Castle>
>Char: JESUS CHRIST! Run away, run away....
>[Kou Uraki is tragically crushed underneath the giant wooden Haro, finally
>ending the debate as to what he was doing in UC0087]
>Nicholas "Echo|Fox" Paufler

Excuse me, but I'd like to complain about this parrot, errr, gundam...

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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