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I have to say, the quality compared to the actual models themselves or the
MSiA's is pretty low, but compared to other toys on the American market,
these things are Picasso's. American massmarket toys tend to be complete
garbage. You can find some nice stuff in hobby shops or comic shops from
companies like McFarlane toys, etc, but stuff that intended to be sold at
Toys R Us or the local Target/Walmart are always low quality. *sigh* I
remember the day when Transformers ruled the roost. Now those were some
quality toys, at least for that decade.

Like you, I made short work of my action figures with a black and gray
gundam marker and they really improve when the panel lines are more visible.
I have three sitting here at my desk at work, (Shenlong, Deathcythe and
Heavyarms) and one at home. (Epyon) I've only scribed the panel lines on
the Shenlong and Epyon so far, but the differences side by side are huge. A
couple of co-workers even commented on how much better they looked with the
panel lines scribed.

IMHO, the action figures and MSiA's are targeted at two completely different
audiences. Action figures are to sit on Wal-Mart shelves, waiting for
children to beg their parents for one of the action figures since it's the
next big thing from Japan. The MSiA's are made to sit on a shelf at a hobby
shop with a ridiculous price tag tacked onto it so that it can be bought and
traded with Pokemon hysteria. Cynicism? Maybe. It's tough to see a local
store buy something at 50% of the MSRP and then sell it for 150%+ of the
MSRP even if the market in the area doesn't warrant that price.

heh, that reminds me of something I saw a few weeks earlier. There was this
kid, maybe 13 or so in the Wal-Mart with his younger siblings/cousins and
they were all picking out GW action figures that their mother/aunt was going
to buy. The 13 year old was enthusiastically explaining to them exactly how
to pick them so that none of the blisters or cards had any defects etc. I
tell you what.. my daughter and other future children are sure going to know
the best way to rip those toys out of the package to play with them. I'm 26
now and don't really have a need to "play" with toys, so most that I buy
stay in the packages, but I can't imagine never opening my new transformer
so long ago. That's why you can't find any of these things in stores...
toddlers are now becoming toy collectors and wholesale Wal-Mart purchasers.


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> Stopped by my local hobby shop to pick up some paint (Yay! They had Tamiya
> for reasonable prices in nice Gundam suitable colors. Got the wrong shade
> grey though...) and noticed they had a few of the Wing MSiA-esque action
> figures. From the beginning I've only had the intention of picking up the
> Wing and Tallgeese (along with the Wing Zero later, for obvious reasons)
> they're the two designs least offensive to my tastes. Price was a bit
> 14.99$cdn vs the $9.99cdn Toys R Us is charging, but it's pretty rare that
> get to the southside Toys R Us (only place they've been sighted locally),
> I figured it would be worth it. I may end up getting the Sandrock for
> which doesn't look bad. I like the beam Uzi, but the heat shortels are
> about the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
> Got it home, removed it from its blister card (definately a dissapointment
> after seeing the MSiA packaging and got a good look at it. Highly
> underwhelming, all things considered. Posability is incredibly limited.
> Compared to the Zeta MSiA, who, in my opinion, is near perfect (After you
> glue a few pieces ;p) anyway... Also, without panel lines it just looks
> awful. 45 minutes of work with a Gundam marker improved the look
> but it still can't hold a candle to the Zeta, or even my Zaku II. Plus
> the bloody buster rifle is an order of magnitude to big. It looks
> holding it... entirely out of scale and it just doesn't look right holding
> it. Sigh. Not having exchangable fists kinda sucks, since he has to hold
> beam sabre in a gun grip, but not a huge problem. Then ... his beam sabre.
> Sigh. The blade is just too short =) Wing has serious sabre envy looking
> the massive .. err .. blades .. ;p on Zeta's sabres.
> Considering the time I had to spend making it look decent, i'm definately
> tempted to import the others I want from the line. Individually my
> complaints aren't much, but added together they definately hurt my opinion
> of it. If you really want them, and you're already ordering some stuff
> Japan, you might want to get the MSiA versions. Otherwise, I'd be tempted
> say give them a pass. They're cheap, but they just don't seem to have the
> care put into them that the other MSiA's I have do. Even the Dom, who is
> fairly unposable (but thats because of the mechanical design, no fault of
> the figure) is a superior toy.
> It looks okay on my shelf with my other mecha but it has a definite
> that it was rushed out the door for the American market. Too bad, but at
> least I can pose it with my Zeta kicking the crap out of its inferior
> ;p
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