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I have both the Zeta and the RX-78. I found the Zeta more challenging than
the Gundam. There is a fair amount of electrical wiring to snake through
some small spaces. It is definatly worth the effort though. I'm not sure of
the current market, but when I got my 2 perfect grades, the Zeta was quite a
bit more than the Gundam. So if money is not an issue, go for the Zeta! If
your on a budget the Gundam definatly won't dissapoint. Lots of little
hatches and hydraulic cylinders all over it.

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Subject: [gundam] Ok help me out gonna buy a PG what should I get?

> Ok I'm gonna endulge and drop a series bundle and buy a Perfect Grade
> kit.
> So I want to know what you guys think I should get.
> I've eliminated the MS-06F and the Wing Gundam Zero.
> So I'm down to the MS-06S,RX-78 and the Zeta Gundam.
> The Zeta looks sweet and all but I have never seen the show so I don't
> know if I should get it. So if anyone has two of the above or even all
> three and can tell me which is the better kit. That's what I care about
> anyway,tell me what you'd get.
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