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I've never used any of the other services but Hobby Link Japan is the best I've
seen so far. The price is low(shipping is high but that's to be expected),the
service is great if everything is in stock,selection is excellent for MG
stuff(that's what I buy from them) they generally have all the newest MG kits
the earliest(they recently just got the Ez8 and Gouf sold out already from what
I heard but they had them). And from my experience they can and do a good job
on back ordering older stuff. The only downside from the that I have
experienced that back order stuff can take a while to get and e-mails are not
always answered in a prompt manner. But in the case of getting stuff that's in
stock you get it and get it pretty quick without paying way too much for it. wrote:

> Does any one have any recommendations for online ordering?
> The criteria I'm looking at (in order of importance)- price, service/speed,
> selection (primarily MG)
> Any opinions, places I haven't heard about, horror stories, etc would be
> appreciated.
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