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This might be stretching it, but maybe because he WAS a rookie that they
gave it to him.
I'll try to explain, feel free to counter(and I'm not a pilot either):

If you're an experienced pilot, you expect certain boundaries when doing
manoeuvres. For instance, Burning might only go so far with any specific
task because he knows from experience that it[MS] can't, or shouldn't go any
Where-as Kou doesn't have this experience, or know better, to stop at a
certain point, and therefore push the GP01 to it's limit.
I've experienced this with other fields, mainly programming, that if I'm
stuck, I ask the guy that doesn't know alot about the subject. That person
isn't bound by knowledge and therefore will ask all sorts of questions that
I never thought of, and one of the questions is the answer to the problem.

As I said, it might be a stretch, but who knows?

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garrick lee wrote:

> but the superiors never let alpha, monsha, south
> burning himself or anyone else handle the gp01 after
> kou appropriated it. it all came down to who nina
> disliked less at that moment of instantaneous
> decision: rookie kou uraki or obnoxious bernard
> monsha.
> you'd think the superior officers would know better.

Or maybe they did. After all, it was an untested prototype that Kou was
flying. Maybe they just wanted to make sure that if it unexpectedly blew
up, or something like that, then the pilot who was killed would be a
rookie with no combat experience instead of a difficult to replace




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