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> I have a question to you all, were do you get your Gundam? other than
> getting the officially released Bandi videos were do you get your info.

Funny thing is with all the Gundam coming to the US, the
actual sources are drying up... Real Gundam info used to
come from places like Animag, Anime UK, UC Herald,
Mecha Press, and other fan ragsheets to innumerable, and
inconsistent in quality to name.

Of those only Anime UK still gets published. For the rest
of the English speaking world there is Mark Simmons who
has also been scarce on the GML of late... And there is -Z-
who posts and drops grains of insight upon us every now
and then.

Beyond that you can scour the Japnaese Internet with some
translating browser like the new Netscape or Translingo from
Fujitsu (I like Translingo better...)

Really adventurous fans can get books, learn Japanese, and
try to read it for themselves. If you are lazier, and want to
fully integrate the two approaches, scan your books, run a
program like kanjiOCR over the scanned pictures, correct
the Japanese text, and then push it through a translator. Now
if you managed to get Translingo, tell it your Japanese text
file is really a web page, and viola you get an English text
out of a Japanese book without lots of really expensive

However the biggest problem with this is getting the gist of
what the person is saying, which is the toughest problem...

Many times I go over documents I have scanned/OCRed
and translated, and then piled up everything I have written
by M Simmons or Animerica or whomever alongside it to
get the general idea...

And sometimes if you are lucky things like MS Era will be
kind enough to have rough English text in them, or Mark
will be contracted to do liner notes on certain Kondo books...


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