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Great start. I might have some pics of Kondo's Gouf on my home computer,
I'll check later tonight. How did you get the skirt to extend down so far
in front? Did you just keep layering putty on top of putty or did you use
a plastic frame and layered the putty over that?

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Vince Leon

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Subject: [gundam] Kondo Gouf?

I'm attempting to convert a Gouf to the version done by K.Kondoh in The
Revival of Zeon. I believe it has made appearances in some of his other
works too.

If anyone is able to scan some pics for reference, or if you could even
indicate which of his works featured it, I'd be most grateful.

Currently I've modified the skirt and torso. This all makes the leg
mobility of the flaws of the design, but it still looks great anyway.

This is the in-progress photo:

Comments and criticisms are welcome.

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