garrick lee (
Fri, 20 Oct 2000 05:53:22 -0700 (PDT)

> >Bawoo
> By far the best kit in the line from my subjective
> point of view, since I love
> the Bawoo. that doesn't mean I love the wing nutter
> part of it, in fact, I
> might just permanently put it in MS mode. But damn
> if it doesn't look good,
> not to mention they seem to have solved every
> problem (nearly) with the original
> kit.

i see great potential for a garrick-doga treatment for
this kit. if i get one, it could stay in ms mode
permanently, as i never liked transforming mechs in

> It's pretty nice, but I would have wanted it to have
> more little details and
> moving parts. as it is, there are a lot of places
> where they could have done
> more. Of course, It would have been more expensive.
> I guess it was a compromise,
> but I'm not too happy about it.

well, i'm pretty satisfied with mine. this kit is the
only thing that's both painful and pleasurable to
build. i'll say one thing though...for a huge
release...the zz/fazz sure has a lot of seam lines.

> >Gundam 1.5
> Now this one rocks! Guys, buy it, of only just for
> the LEGS. I still can't
> believe they were able to pull it off.

and i can't believe the wacky poses i can pull off on
it. >:) ballerina gundam!

> >Sazabi
> I don't care what people say about it being a bad
> still looks incredible.
> However, a friend of mine, Luigi did sopme
> modifications on the ankle parts
> that made it more poseable...I'll ask him if he can
> describe what he did..unless
> he's lurking on the list...LUIGI! you there?

to be honest, i don't know why people are complaining
about the sazabi. people complain too much. the kit
looks damn good if you spend time on it. i've seen
luigi build the sazabi (in a labor of love) piece by
piece every day for over a month and it looked very
impressive without any major retooling. then again,
the guy HAS been praying for a sazabi for twelve
years, and has been doing model kit work for far
longer. :P


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