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Fri, 20 Oct 2000 01:06:26 -0800

>It should be noted that the Nazification of the Zeon and the introduction of
>real-world sidearm designs (pistols, submachineguns, etc.) all began
>with Gundam
>0080 in 1989 and were continued with Gundam 0083 in 1991. Prior to that, in
>Gundam through CCA, the Zeon were presented quite differently and the sidearms
>were all unique and futuristic.
>(Well, I suppose, a case could be made that the Nazification of Zeon
>began with
>Gundam Sentinel and carried over to Gundam 0080 when those fans all turned

Since Izubuchi designed nearly everything in 0080, (from MS, to
uniforms)--can we point to him as the one responsible for Nazifying
the Zeon? He also worked on 0080's predecessor, CCA where I detect
some WWII german influences creeping in, like in the Gera Doga's
helmet shape.


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