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Stopped by my local hobby shop to pick up some paint (Yay! They had Tamiya
for reasonable prices in nice Gundam suitable colors. Got the wrong shade of
grey though...) and noticed they had a few of the Wing MSiA-esque action
figures. From the beginning I've only had the intention of picking up the
Wing and Tallgeese (along with the Wing Zero later, for obvious reasons) as
they're the two designs least offensive to my tastes. Price was a bit high,
14.99$cdn vs the $9.99cdn Toys R Us is charging, but it's pretty rare that I
get to the southside Toys R Us (only place they've been sighted locally), so
I figured it would be worth it. I may end up getting the Sandrock for kicks,
which doesn't look bad. I like the beam Uzi, but the heat shortels are just
about the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
Got it home, removed it from its blister card (definately a dissapointment
after seeing the MSiA packaging and got a good look at it. Highly
underwhelming, all things considered. Posability is incredibly limited.
Compared to the Zeta MSiA, who, in my opinion, is near perfect (After you
glue a few pieces ;p) anyway... Also, without panel lines it just looks
awful. 45 minutes of work with a Gundam marker improved the look remarkably,
but it still can't hold a candle to the Zeta, or even my Zaku II. Plus ...
the bloody buster rifle is an order of magnitude to big. It looks ridiculous
holding it... entirely out of scale and it just doesn't look right holding
it. Sigh. Not having exchangable fists kinda sucks, since he has to hold his
beam sabre in a gun grip, but not a huge problem. Then ... his beam sabre.
Sigh. The blade is just too short =) Wing has serious sabre envy looking at
the massive .. err .. blades .. ;p on Zeta's sabres.
Considering the time I had to spend making it look decent, i'm definately
tempted to import the others I want from the line. Individually my
complaints aren't much, but added together they definately hurt my opinion
of it. If you really want them, and you're already ordering some stuff from
Japan, you might want to get the MSiA versions. Otherwise, I'd be tempted to
say give them a pass. They're cheap, but they just don't seem to have the
care put into them that the other MSiA's I have do. Even the Dom, who is
fairly unposable (but thats because of the mechanical design, no fault of
the figure) is a superior toy.
It looks okay on my shelf with my other mecha but it has a definite feeling
that it was rushed out the door for the American market. Too bad, but at
least I can pose it with my Zeta kicking the crap out of its inferior cousin

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