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Ok a few places to check for good resin. are included at the bottom
of this email.

First, where you are will make a huge difference in what king of
resin you can acquire. That nice white resin that most Japanese kits
are made out of, is called Hei-Cast, and is quite difficult to come
by here in the States, but if you can find it where you are, that is
your best bet for good workable parts. If you can not find that you
want something that falls between 65 and 80 on what is called the
Shore D hardness scale. Optimally you want to be right around 70
Shore D hardness, but anything under 80 will still be workable.

What you really want is a polyurethane resin with a 1:1 mix ratio and
a viscosity as close to water as possible. Anything else is going to
prove much more difficult to work with. If you can not find Hei-Cast,
I highly recommend Por-A-Kast by Synair, which is sold at the
bare-metal site I list below. Products to stay away from are
Alumilite, and any non urethane resin. All of these work best with
RTV rubber molds.

I highly recommend the book sold at:
as a really great source of English language information on casting.

Good luck.


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> >Are you looking for info on the different resins used in official
> >for sale products?
> >Are you looking for info on the different resins used in recasts?
> >Or, are you looking for info on casting your own parts?
> I'm actually look for info on the different resins used for
> recast/casting own parts.
> Currently, I'm able to find a resin that's translucent and it's
> used for the construction of fibre glass. Going by Peter's
> description, it's proably polyester resin. I should be looking for
> polyurethane resin right?

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