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>...Yikes. Rei is definitely NOT a good role model.... Everyone has
>problems they need to work out (ala Shinji, but usually not quite so bad :)
>but Rei is almost entirely without an ego. I'm sorry, but someone who
>no value on their own life is much worse than someone who is merely afraid.

It's cause Rei is a clone therefore has no memories to convince herself
that her life is valuable and is worth something. Later in the story, she
learns about affection and compassion through Shinji and
Gendo...somehow...I forgot; I'll have to rewatch it. Though she then
learns to sacrifice herself in the wake of others. Remember, she has
knowledge that she can be replaced by another clone. That's why she's so
empty. I mean, if you knew you were a clone, would you be all super dupy
happy that you weren't an individual? A special one and only person in the
entire world? I think not. Most people in this world find that the most
important things to themself are freedom and individuality. When you take
away either one of those, be prepared for some major depression or


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