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Thu, 19 Oct 2000 19:58:20 -0700

lol...Let's get started here... :)

> I am not famailiar with any of Gainax's works other then Eva, but from
>I've seen of it (0:1 - 0:5), Eva has this hopeless and depressing feeling
>that I do not like. I constantly have this unexplainable urge to strangle
>Shinji's little neck. He needs to wake up and come to grips with reality.

That's actually what Anno wants you to EXACTLY feel. ^^;;

> He needs to get over this grudge with his Dad and say the Heck with how
>Dad feels about him and do his job as an Eva pilot and quit moaning and
>mopping all the time. At least Rei actually tries to do her best, at the
>of everything else, I.E. her body, her health, etc. Everyone in Eva needs
>SERIOUS mental help. I like the mecha, though! :) No wonder Eva Unit 01 goes
>berserk, it wants that moaning brat out of itself! :)

lol I hope you watch the rest of it because in order to truly enjoy and
understand the character relations, the series has to be watched from start
to end...including the movies which explain the final fates of Shinji and
some cough cough other characters. I would say something, but I'd be
spoiling it.


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