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<< I'd say it was more of a factor of her knowing and accepting her role in
life. Something not many of us have a clue about, especially at her age.
Plus, how would you react if you knew that if you were killed, you'd in
essence come right back?
 As for the other characters, Kaji wasn't too bad in the problems department.
Nor was what's his name (the one that worked at Nerv HQ, wore glasses and had
a crush on Misato?). But I'll admit the primary characters all had problems.
But I could identify with alot of them (yes, I've had a somewhat screwed up
life in some ways).
 And, as seen in EoE...(even more spoiler space)
 Not every copy of Rei felt the same way about everything....
 Roland (what can I say? Evangelion is one of my favorite anime series...) >>

i have to watch EoE a few more times to understand that, i guess. it didnt
really hit me as that when i watched it, but what with people turning into
<another rant topic...what it is they turn into...heh...> i wasnt really as
concerned about that...


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