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Thu, 19 Oct 2000 17:54:55 -0700

I'm not real familar with the Kondo Gouf, so can't offer much advice. Looks
like a good start. I must admit, it's the Iguana in the backround that
really made me smile. :)

Peter Savin

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Date: Thursday, October 19, 2000 5:45 PM
Subject: [gundam] Kondo Gouf?

>I'm attempting to convert a Gouf to the version done by K.Kondoh in The
>Revival of Zeon. I believe it has made appearances in some of his other
>works too.
>If anyone is able to scan some pics for reference, or if you could even
>indicate which of his works featured it, I'd be most grateful.
>Currently I've modified the skirt and torso. This all makes the leg
> of the flaws of the design, but it still looks great anyway.
>This is the in-progress photo:
>Comments and criticisms are welcome.
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