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IMHO spam with a good cause is still spam......

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> Lately i've been saving up for sazabi but i just can't seem the get the
> money..
> One of the ways that i've been trying right now is through cashfiesta
> is kinda like all advantage if you know what that is. Basically you have a
> banner up while your online and as long as it's up you accumulate points
> which turns into cash.
> The difference between alladvantage and cashfiesta is that with cash
> you can use it while working in another program.. unlike alladvantage
> needs you to be on a browser all the time.
> I'm not trying to spam or anything.. it's just that i really want the
> MG.
> It was always my favorite and it would be the greatest thing to have.
> I don't care if you don't want to join ... but for those that are
> in such a program the address with me as a referral is below... thanx

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