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> He needs to get over this grudge with his Dad and say the Heck with how
> Dad feels about him and do his job as an Eva pilot and quit moaning and
> mopping all the time. At least Rei actually tries to do her best, at the
> cost
> of everything else, I.E. her body, her health, etc. Everyone in Eva needs
> SERIOUS mental help. I like the mecha, though! :) No wonder Eva Unit 01
> berserk, it wants that moaning brat out of itself! :)

...Yikes. Rei is definitely NOT a good role model.... Everyone has
problems they need to work out (ala Shinji, but usually not quite so bad :)
but Rei is almost entirely without an ego. I'm sorry, but someone who places
no value on their own life is much worse than someone who is merely afraid.

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