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> Subject: [gundam] The inventor of Dummies
> Aside from being the bravest of all Gundam characters, Bernie Weisman
> (0080) also invented the dummy system (those distracting balloons
> used in CCA, but I think they were used as early as 0087).
> What a guy

Not exactly. Dummies are balloons that simulate actual ships and MS and even
small asteroids, not simply decoys or diversions. Inflatable "tanks" and
"aircraft" were used in WW2. They were designed by a former stage magician who
actually created a mockup of the city of Alexandria, Egypt, and its harbor and
shipyard -- and an aerial camouflage for the real thing -- convincing enough to
cause the Afrika Korps to miss the target.

The first time I saw dummies in use in the Gundam universe was in Z Gundam,
which, although UC chronologically subsequent to the events of Gundam 0080 was
RL five years before.

I haven't seen the entire First Gundam series, so I can neither confirm nor deny
their use in that series, but it seems like just the sort of trick you'd expect
from either side.


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