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Oh man...

::God Gundam, Gundam X, and the Wing Gundam are all in a cloak, the 3-headed
monster. God Gundam is the right arm, X is in the middle, with the solar
flare protruding, and Wing has the Buster Rifle.::
Amuro: We were venturing through the woods, and need to get by.
X: Do you know what wedo to your type?
:They point to a long pole with several grunt suits and Kou impaled.::
Char: oh..
G: Can i give the Shining Finger now?
Wing: But I want to use the Buster Rifle!
X: Oh, quit yer whining, we're going to use the Solar panels to fry them!
G: Why do you always get to kill them? I'm the right arm!
Wing: Stop your whining, you don't know what his breath is like! I'm ready to
do it!
:Wing points the Buster Rifle to it's head.::
X: See what he's like? Always the suicide!
G: C'mon, I feed you guys!
Wing: I'm not kidding this time!
X: Not again....
::Amuro and Char managed to get by unnoticed.::

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