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The most common types (as far as I know) are polyurethane and polyester.
Polyurethane is generally light tan or white, and is very good resin. It's
fairly soft, like the polystyrene used in regular kits, and is pretty easy
to work with. Good stuff. Polyester is terrible, and is often used in
crappy recasts. It's brittle and hard to work with, stinks (it smells like
the inside of a fiberglass boat, since it's the same type of resin usually
used for fiberglass), and tends to be a little sticky. The polyester
recasts I've bought are really a bitch to finish, I spent SO much time
cleaning up the parts, and they have always had some uncured resin (very
sticky and soft) which had to be cleaned out and puttied.

Peter Savin

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> Quite some time ago, someone (Lloyd?) posted some information on the
> different types of resins that are commonly used for casting resin kits.
> Can someone kindly repost the email or direct me to the GML archives as
> I've lost the email and can't seem to find the email on the archives.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jorge
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