Jorge Lee (
Fri, 20 Oct 2000 01:14:06 +0800

Edward Ju wrote:
> How much was the B-Club resin kit again? ;) Will MG kits finally be
> more expensive than resin kits?

The B-Club 1/144 The-O resin kit was selling for 28800 yen. You can just
imagine how much a resin 1/100 The-O will cost. I don't think 15000 yen
is that far off for a MG 1/100 version.

If you use the B-Club 1/100 Sazabi(29800 yen) and the MG Sazabi(8000
yen) as a comparison, a plastic 1/144 The-O kit should cost around 7731
yen. That's just slightly less that what the MG Sazabi cost.


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