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Paul Fields wrote:

> > Question for those who may be in the know. Why do Monsha and company
> > have burgundy-faced coats and berets? Is it because they're One Year
> > War veterans or because they're a special unit or something? Anybody
> > got the answer on this one?
> I can't remember if these are the same kind of coat the base commander
> on Side 6 had in 0080?

I dunno, have to check.

> I got the Immortal 4th in brown uniform vest type
> things in issue 3 of the comic, but Burgundy?

I see it as maroon, burgundy, whatever...

> Now on page 80 of MS Era Chris has a Maroon/Burgundy jacket on, and
> the Green Beret same as every other woman in the picture, except for one
> in Khakis. But the same color scheme is the one worn by the Side 6 base
> commander as well.


> I just saw your, and -Z-s posts, and the brown faced uniform/coats they are
> wearing off the plane, and until Kou beats Monsha in a deul might be a
> leather vest with cotton sleeves like hunters wear to keep in body heat
> without
> binding up the arms.

Thought about that, except they appear to be wearing T-shirts directly under the
coats you'll notice, so I think the sleeves must be part of the coat. At any
rate, I guess I'm deciding its nothing special. Just another variation on the


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