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> There aren't any, really. In both cases, it's a case of the character in
> question being able to look a few seconds into the future and
> thus anticipate
> the opponent's next move even as it's being executed. This
> allows you to shoot
> where the enemy is going to be or move to block a strike at the
> same time it's
> made.
> An interesting variation is the "temporal fugue" used in Roger Zelazny's
> Creatures Of Light And Darkness. Here, the characters actually jump a few
> seconds into the future or the past, seeming to disappear at some
> moments and
> double team or triple team the opponent at others.

And when you have 2 fighters with "temporal fugue" abilities fighting each
other, you really have a hell of a mess on your hand. They have to stop the
fight before the fighter destroys the local space time (from all of the
past/future jumping of the fighters which results in 2 armies).

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