garrick lee (
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 06:50:40 -0700 (PDT)

>If you've ever been to
> the GW ML, it's pretty
> much a nightmare. My friend who runs the or has had
> a major part of
> running the GW ML, has told me nightmare stories
> about the type of
> conversations on the ML. It's almost as bad as the
> moral/concept/religious/theoretical arguments that
> they have on the Eva ML
> way back then.

err...should you really be judging a show by the type
of fans that it may rightly or wrongly attract, and by
the conversations held by those fans?

that's judging a book by the cover, and you should
know better than that, i believe.

>Has everybody ever thought why does
> the arguments only
> happen over such contraversial stories/Animes?

because the stories (eva, in this case, and not gw --
hardly anything is controversial in wing) are
controversial in the first place? it is pretty clear
that evangelion takes a swing at many theological and
philosophical issues. that's not the problem that
some of us who detest eva have. the probelm we have
is that evangelion fails miserably in addressing the
issues -- that all it was ever made to do was to rock
the proverbial boat (without having a reason to).


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