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>...he heard that next Gundam
>series will have some 3D elements in it. If next project is " >For the
Barrel ", may
>be that explains simple mechanical Gunboy design?? Well, this >guy was a
big talker.
>So, don't take it seriously. I just thought it will be cool if >they really
do this.
>I just want you guys to know. Do you guys think it's possible? >I think it
has some
>potential. I believe next series could be targeted to American >viewer.
They might do
>something extra? At least, if they do background and ships in >3D. Like
they used 3D
>in " Ghost in the shell ". Anyway, just take it as a rumor.

If they can pull off a whole series with the quality of the CG in the CCA
game (probably not) then go ahead.

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