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My first experience was with a gundam marker, but I soon learned that you
just can't do a professional job with those. heh, they are now relegated to
scribing the panel lines on Gundam action figures I buy at my local Walmart.


Depends, I find it best to use a combination of marker(for the really small
lines and when I want a clean look) and paint.
Also, markers are easy to store and carry around. I still have the green
marker I use for the Gundam's eyes. For most painting though I use Mr.
Color or acrylic with my friends airbrush (hehe too cheap to buy my own).

Also, my friend tried house paint on his Zaku, turned up quite okay.

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> I am a more of a modeller, and I joined up for the model reviews
> techniques. Lately, it's been disappointing (especially since Probe
> left...), but I stayed on the list because of the occassional interesting
> post here. However, the current trend has been large volumes of irrelevent
> posts and flames, which I detest.
> The point? Each individual member who post here should consider
> whether his or her post is actually contributing anything worthwhile to
> discussion on hand.

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