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one of the better kits, though it seemed to be taken from the HG 08thMS team

>Zaku III Mass prod.

and the Mashmer version. In my opinion, it was one of the best made of the
early HGUC's, but the main probleme were the fins at the backpack and the backs
of the hands; both fell off quite readily. However, one discreet design element
made it so good: the introduction of a polycap joint at the mid thorax. Very
nice, since it allowed for more "human poses".

>Rick Dias

Far and away a great retooling without destroying the classic look. My only
complaint is that the bazooka it comes with has this frail clamp system (which
is the same as the Hyaku Shiki's bazooka). But I gets kudos for the trigger
finger construction and the over all smooth design. I also liked the way they
designed the front skirt plates, allowing is a large degree of movement.


It's a great retool, I think, but other than that, it had no OOMPH. BUT! I
have to admit, it was a welcome change from the old kit. I only wish that they
had kept the original hose design.


By far the best kit in the line from my subjective point of view, since I love
the Bawoo. that doesn't mean I love the wing nutter part of it, in fact, I
might just permanently put it in MS mode. But damn if it doesn't look good,
not to mention they seem to have solved every problem (nearly) with the original


I like this kit too, if only it resembles an action figure so much. extremely
poseable, with a nice shield clip system. I am very impressed with its posability.

>Gelgoog Marine
>Dom Tropen

It's pretty nice, but I would have wanted it to have more little details and
moving parts. as it is, there are a lot of places where they could have done
more. Of course, It would have been more expensive. I guess it was a compromise,
but I'm not too happy about it.

>Gundam 1.5

Now this one rocks! Guys, buy it, of only just for the LEGS. I still can't
believe they were able to pull it off.


I don't care what people say about it being a bad still looks incredible.
 However, a friend of mine, Luigi did sopme modifications on the ankle parts
that made it more poseable...I'll ask him if he can describe what he did..unless
he's lurking on the list...LUIGI! you there?

>Zaku Ranba Ral ver.

blech. reused kit, with a nice ax and chestplate and shoulder armor. Bandai
should think about selling these sort of things as add-on packs or ass modification
kits...that way, they can even spend less on coloring and come out with more


This one I want to see!


Haven't seen yet.

>Nu Gundam

One reason why i won't have much money this christmas.

>They're still neglecting 0080 though, although I hear that a MG Kampfer is

>indeed scheduled for release sometime next year.

Hooray! I hope that it's loaded with EVERYTHING. and I hope it has the parts
for the other version, but knowing bandai, it'll be another kit variation.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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