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>> And that brings me back on topic: We know the Jedi use a sort of
>> preternatural sensing ability. I know the Newtypes have a version of this

>> also. What are the differences...?
>There aren't any, really. In both cases, it's a case of the character in
>question being able to look a few seconds into the future and thus anticipate

>the opponent's next move even as it's being executed. This allows you to shoot

>where the enemy is going to be or move to block a strike at the same time it's


hmmm...This particular ability seems to be one of Char's. i always remember
him as being able to dodge all those shots -- except when it came to Amuro,
who in turn seems to have a "one with the machine" ability.

>In For The Barrel, which is supposedly based on Tomino's writings, this ability

>is called "forecast" and is one of "The Nine" characteristics that comprise

hey Z, can we get a rundown on what those ine abilities are, and who manifested
which ability the strongest?

>Interestingly, this idea hasn't been used all that much in the past, but it

>predates Gundam by a good decade and a half. I first read of it in the 1966

>Modesty Blaise novel "I, Lucifer" by Peter O'Donnell, based on his popular
>strip. Modesty, an accomplished martial artist, is beaten by Lucifer, a
>psychic, because he can anticipate her every move and counter it exactly.
>later wins by getting him to consciously try to anticipate her, instead of
>letting it happen, thus negating his psychic ability, which works

This seems to be also a samurai trait, something that I've also seen in stuff
like Rurouni Kenshin, albeit with somewhat different mechsanics (re: Soujiro
vs. Kenshin).

>An interesting variation is the "temporal fugue" used in Roger Zelazny's
>Creatures Of Light And Darkness. Here, the characters actually jump a few

>seconds into the future or the past, seeming to disappear at some moments and

>double team or triple team the opponent at others.

I've seen this done in a blatant manner with the Madox of the marvel mutants...

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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