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> I am not famailiar with any of Gainax's works other then Eva, but from what
> I've seen of it (0:1 - 0:5), Eva has this hopeless and depressing feeling
> that I do not like. I constantly have this unexplainable urge to strangle
> Shinji's little neck. He needs to wake up and come to grips with reality.
> He needs to get over this grudge with his Dad and say the Heck with how his
> Dad feels about him and do his job as an Eva pilot and quit moaning and
> mopping all the time. At least Rei actually tries to do her best, at the cost
> of everything else, I.E. her body, her health, etc. Everyone in Eva needs
> SERIOUS mental help. I like the mecha, though! :) No wonder Eva Unit 01 goes
> berserk, it wants that moaning brat out of itself! :)

Actually shinji is more likeable when he goes nutz too..
I bet a resin kit pen-pen(my favorite character in EVA) pecking shinji to death
would sell VERY WELL....

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