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Wed, 18 Oct 2000 23:43:29 -0700

Gee duh... *puts Char's helm on* STFU!! I'm an OTAKU!! IN FACT I'M THE
OTAKING!!!! *doh falls over and dies*

>> Otaku is not a word to be used lightly and it's not a word to be too proud
>>of. It's been awhile since I read this, but otaku are the most obsessive
>>there is and they usually hardly ever have much social life/interaction.
>Absolutely correct! Have any of you seen Gainax's Otaku no Video? That
answers everything. Obsession is common to everybody (IMO), but we have to
realize that there is life not in Anime (or work or sports or any endeavor
for that matter). Otaku are people who devote everything to Anime. That is
wrong. Anime is part of life not life in itself. I think the original
message is not of being a true OTAKU in the sense, but being a devoted fan
of a show and there's nothing wrong with that. But its good that we
understand the true meaning of Otaku, so we dont use it out of context
making us look like a bunch of idiots speaking Nihonggo w/o the slightest
idea of what the words actually mean (IMO)
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