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Wed, 18 Oct 2000 23:33:55 -0700

> Otaku is not a word to be used lightly and it's not a word to be too proud
>of. It's been awhile since I read this, but otaku are the most obsessive
>there is and they usually hardly ever have much social life/interaction.

Yeah, otaku means geek or literally translated as "home" in JP. Though I
am using the term in a more nicer kinda way as termed as "obsessive geek"
which I don't mean harshly. But in some way or another, some of us on this
ML are geeks. That isn't a bad thing though.

> I am sure it applies to some here, but I don't think it applies to all ML
>members, here or on other ML's. Just because one subscribes to an ML does
>mean one is an otaku. There are ML's for cooks, pilots, millitary people,
>types of jobs and interests.

Didn't say otakus can't have jobs. =)

> Being on an ML does not automatically make someone an obessive "geek" or
>otaku. This is not an "otaku only" list.


> Saying this is an otaku list is a load of BS.

Didn't say that. I'm just saying that when you join a list like this,
you're sure to expect otakus or otaku-ness from some people. Ignoring the
truth that they do exist is a paradox of what people say about otakus being
on the ML as stated before.

Saying only otaku can join an
>ML just's reeks of an elitest attitude to me. Elitests sicken me. Do not
>a generic label on people of this list, as you do not know how are personal
>lives are and it's wrong to slap a stereotype label on a group of people.
>of my very best friend's was considered a "freak" and he was just as normal
>as anyone else, dressed noraml and everything. Labels are wrong, as each
>person is unique in their own way. No one deserves to be labeled.

I didn't label anybody. I simply put that latter statement of my msg as an
example. READ; EXAMPLE. So my point is, when you join a hobbyist group
mailing list, don't expect there not to be otakus.


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