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At 18:06 10/18/2000 -0700, garrick lee wrote:
>as someone who uses citadel paints exclusively on
>gundams i gotta say the only real good looking use
>of inks i've had was on the warhammer miniatures

        I work on Warhammer 40K miniatures mostly, but I do touch up on MGs
with Citadel paints. The new pots are atrocious, BTW. Anyway... I do NOT
recommend washing to get the panel lines. I did that for a 1/72 VF-1S and it
was horrendous. I had to repaint most of the white.. and when you use black
wash on white base, a LOT of repainting needs to be done. *horror*horror*

        OTOH, because Citadel paints are water soluble, it makes it easier
to apply. My MG Zaku's optics are all in red (inclusive of the bazooka and
120mm) and it was a breeze to apply.

        Same applies for Gundam eyes. For some reason, I find the eyes
provided in the MG kits offensive, and have taken to painitng over the eyes.
A quick coat of black, followed by white, and then Scorpian Green, and I've
achieved the Green-eyed Gundam look. Fast and effective.

        For sprue cuts, I'll coat a light coat, and then immediately rub
off. At least on My MG Mk.II AEUG, the plastic soak up the paint pretty
fast, and reduces the effect of the stressed plastic (when you cut plastic,
you sometimes get a white stretch effect). This is rather important, because
the plastics involved are often at some weird shade of colour, so it's
difficult to match colours effectively. This method helps disguise the cuts,
and at the same time looks reasonably like the original plastic colour.

        I tend not to weather my models, since I do play with them
(especially the 1/144). But I might eventually move into that field.

>i'm satisfied with my tech pen uses.

        The technique pens are way better for panel lines, because they can
be way more precise and clean. And if you are quick, any errors can be
quickly corrected.

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