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At 05:27 10/18/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>Man, sounds like everyone got off the bed on the wrong end on the same day.

        Well, seeing that many "gundam w ain't no gundam" posts tends to do
that to me... a good 75% of all mail coming from this lists heads straight
to the basket, makes me a bit cranky to have to download it to begin with.

>I don't think Zhao Pan's original message was meant to be insulting.
>So Zhao Pan was right when he implied that we might learn
>something by reading what others have to say, even if for every gem post
>that you have to endure dozens of crap posts.

        My apologies. All of us involved seemed to have miscommunicated
somewhere along the lines, so comments came out harsher than they sound.

        Yes, gems might exist from threads that were pretty meaningless, but
when it comes from something like the old Wing vs Gundam arguments... well,
been there, done that, it's kind of sickening to keep rehashing old grounds
and reaching the same conclusion. Not to mention it irates everyone involved.

>Well, this IS an unmoderated forum, short of unanimous consensus, you're
>not going to get topics banned when we get new members joining frequently.

        True true.

>So be prepared to live with the ever-recurring topics on fansubs (and why
>fansubs aren't allowed here), live action movie casting call, WTF is
>happening with G-Savior, etc. unless it is blatantly off topic and has
>overstayed its welcome.

        I would like to include the Wing discussion on this list as well. To
me, it really is senseless; No matter how the UCers may complain, Wing is by
definition a Gundam show. No matter how the Wingers (hmm.. KFC?) might try
to convince the UCers to accept Wing as a Gundam show, some of the Wingers
are not going to accept it.

        I think we should just agree to disagree about this and carry on
with other discussions.

>You know what might have contributed to the shift in this ML's posting

        Provocative posts tend to invite flames, yes.. but some of them are
useful, and interesting. So long all sides involved can have, as you said, a
semi-civilized conversation, it is worth reading.

        I don't happen to think "whether Gundam Wing is Gundam" happens is
an interesting provocative posts.

>Hmm, I think Richie's reviews are pretty informative.

        Yes, and I'm grateful. But I do miss Probe's in(s)ane comments, though.

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