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On Wed, 18 Oct 2000 21:22:16 KurenaiJiku wrote: >Ok look...I'm bashing GW because I have constructive reason. There are >those who bash it without regard to detail, but for me I am not. Mind you, >the new SW IS crap. It doesn't get any worse than the new EP1, and I think >everybody on this ML agrees with me...just ask Alfred and I bet you he >can't stop spewing off crap about it. :) > >Gundam 0083 was a good Anime. Whether you hate or like Kou (which seems to >be the main focus of 0083 on this ML), he is still a realistic character. >I mean, if it was another newtype in there...don't you think he would have >had a greater historical effect on the Gundam timeline which would even >greatly effect the main storyline which involves Amuro and Char? I would >sure as hell think so...I mean, if Kou became so important a character he >would surely appear in a latter series because they would reposition him at >the front line for a more important area of space so his talents would be >used. But no, you can't make him another newtype, therefore the creators >have to make him forgettable, but not a pushover or cardboard cut out. I >think it was great that we were finally able to see a flunkie give hand at >driving a Gundam. It finally proves the dispute that not just anybody can >pilot a Gundam and expect to destroy a gazillion enemy mobile suits. >Remember as the wise men used to say; A powerful sword can make a rookie >swordsman powerful, but a more powerful swordsman wielding a powerful sword >is invincible. > >Kuren > I like Kou Uraki. He's so... normal. But we all have to admit that he is quite a competent pilot. The guy battled the Nightmare of Solomon for God's sake! And lived to tell about it. People just don't give him any credit.

Another unsung character is Bernie Weisman. He is probably the bravest Gundam character ever created. I mean think about it, the other heroes are Newtypes (they know they're good!) and they pilot Gundams, Kou is an oldtype, but he also pilots a superior MS. Bernie, is a rookie pilot, who got shot down in first sortie and he is willing to fight in repaired Zaku against a new model Gundam! Now that my friends is true guts!


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