Juan Alberto B. Mercado (juanalberto.m@lycos.com)
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 21:28:45 -0700

>The problem with communism is that "from each according to his ability, to each
>according to his need" doesn't work, either. 80% of the work ends up being done
>by only 20% of the people, while the rest show up for their daily handout and
>aspire to nothing greater. This happens to the capitalists, too, because every
>industrialized state is a welfare state nowadays.

Very true. Communism is an ideology (IMHO) brought about by near desperation. For the Russians it was the rise against the Royalists who profited from all the hard work of the labor sector who got next ot nuthin, in China it was the same, in my country, it came from farmers and laborers being abused by the upper middle class. The basic problem is in the economic sense, there is very little to gain. In a democracy (theoretically) a man who works two jobs will earn twice. In communism, you earn as everyone else, there is little motivation for excellence and progress! Capitalism though has many faults, brought about by the no wcorrupt system of government spilling over the corporate sectors. There is no perfect democracy, as there is no perfect communist state. Choose the lesser evil my friends.


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