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 Otaku is not a word to be used lightly and it's not a word to be too proud
of. It's been awhile since I read this, but otaku are the most obsessive fans
there is and they usually hardly ever have much social life/interaction.

   I am sure it applies to some here, but I don't think it applies to all ML
members, here or on other ML's. Just because one subscribes to an ML does not
mean one is an otaku. There are ML's for cooks, pilots, millitary people, all
types of jobs and interests.

  Being on an ML does not automatically make someone an obessive "geek" or
otaku. This is not an "otaku only" list.

  Saying this is an otaku list is a load of BS. Saying only otaku can join an
ML just's reeks of an elitest attitude to me. Elitests sicken me. Do not slap
a generic label on people of this list, as you do not know how are personal
lives are and it's wrong to slap a stereotype label on a group of people. One
of my very best friend's was considered a "freak" and he was just as normal
as anyone else, dressed noraml and everything. Labels are wrong, as each
person is unique in their own way. No one deserves to be labeled.

   According to, Otaku means:

 "Fanatic". Slang word for hard-core fans of anything, roughly equating to
"geek", "nerd", "fanboy", or "freak". Thus, a manga otaku is someone whose
life revolves around manga to an extreme degree. The word usually has neutral
connotations within fan culture, but in other contexts, it can sound highly
negative. In Japanese, the word "mania" means much the same as "otaku".

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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