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> Question for those who may be in the know. Why do Monsha and company
> have burgundy-faced coats and berets? Is it because they're One Year
> War veterans or because they're a special unit or something? Anybody
> got the answer on this one?

I can't remember if these are the same kind of coat the base commander
on Side 6 had in 0080? I got the Immortal 4th in brown uniform vest type
things in issue 3 of the comic, but Burgundy?

As soon as they board Albion, its all deep blue flight jackets, even Burning
gets one.

Now on page 80 of MS Era Chris has a Maroon/Burgundy jacket on, and
the Green Beret same as every other woman in the picture, except for one
in Khakis. But the same color scheme is the one worn by the Side 6 base
commander as well.

I just saw your, and -Z-s posts, and the brown faced uniform/coats they are
wearing off the plane, and until Kou beats Monsha in a deul might be a
vest with cotton sleeves like hunters wear to keep in body heat without
up the arms. After that fight, everybody wears blue...


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