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This year brought us the following:

Zaku III Mass prod.
Rick Dias
Gelgoog Marine
Dom Tropen

Gundam 1.5
Zaku Ranba Ral ver.

Nu Gundam

It's been quite a year. We've seen 3 HGUC releases from 0083, 2 from Z, 2
from ZZ and 1 from 0079.

The hits? The MG rx-79, HGUC Rick Dias, GP01 and possibly the Dom Tropen.
The misses? To many, the Sazabi and the FAZZ.

They're still neglecting 0080 though, although I hear that a MG Kampfer is
indeed scheduled for release sometime next year. My sources could be wrong
though, as up till now I've yet to see a HGUC Zaku F2. I guess I should be
happy about least my scratchbuilt 1/144 F2 will remain unique for
a bit longer.

The fact that they keep cranking out zaku variants and even a retooled mould
for the gouf makes me think that bandai really wants to keep the MG line
going. Hardly surprising, as I guess it's where their target audience
resides, with PGs still out of reach of the average consumer. Who knows what
2001 will bring us now.

I have a highly suspect rumor of a MG The-O, along with a more plausible
HGUC Zeong. If these are true, then it seems like Bandai is heading towards
bigger and pricier stuff.

And their development rate is rather fast now. We hardly see any development
photos in Hobby Japan now. Compare that with the GP01 MG development
articles years ago, which were run for a number of months in Hobby Japan's
GEX. Gone are the days in which we'd see how they'd change the proportions
or add new stuff over the months. All we get now is line art 1 or 2 months
before the actual release.

BTW does anyone know who manufactured a 1/100 resin Kampfer, and how did it

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