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Ok look...I'm bashing GW because I have constructive reason. There are
those who bash it without regard to detail, but for me I am not. Mind you,
the new SW IS crap. It doesn't get any worse than the new EP1, and I think
everybody on this ML agrees with me...just ask Alfred and I bet you he
can't stop spewing off crap about it. :)

Gundam 0083 was a good Anime. Whether you hate or like Kou (which seems to
be the main focus of 0083 on this ML), he is still a realistic character.
I mean, if it was another newtype in there...don't you think he would have
had a greater historical effect on the Gundam timeline which would even
greatly effect the main storyline which involves Amuro and Char? I would
sure as hell think so...I mean, if Kou became so important a character he
would surely appear in a latter series because they would reposition him at
the front line for a more important area of space so his talents would be
used. But no, you can't make him another newtype, therefore the creators
have to make him forgettable, but not a pushover or cardboard cut out. I
think it was great that we were finally able to see a flunkie give hand at
driving a Gundam. It finally proves the dispute that not just anybody can
pilot a Gundam and expect to destroy a gazillion enemy mobile suits.
Remember as the wise men used to say; A powerful sword can make a rookie
swordsman powerful, but a more powerful swordsman wielding a powerful sword
is invincible.


>Another couple of cents from me:
> We need to take off the rose-colored glasses when we look at the past.
>There have ALWAYS been crappy shows, and there have ALWAYS been gratuitous
>attempts to make big bucks off those shows. No matter how nostalgic we may
>be about 70s Super Robots, the fact remains that toy companies were giving
>creators their marching orders. In the 80s it was just the same, with
>modelmakers instead of toymakers.
> Conversely, not everything modern is crap, and marketing does not, in and
>of itself, make something crap. People complaining about modern mecha
>shows conveniently ignore things like Eva, Escaflowne, Nadesico, Brain
>Powerd (haven't seen all of this but it's very interesting so far).
>Transformers was originally written off as nothing more than an attempt to
>flog toys to kids, yet is now regarded as a classic show.
> Post WW2, elitists wrote off all mainstream movies as crap.
> In the 60s, elitists wrote off all mainstream movies since sound was
>introduced as crap.
> In the 70s, elitists wrote off all mainstream movies since Hollywood's
>golden age as crap.
> Nowadays, elitists are writing off all mainstream movies since Star Wars
>as crap.
> And if you wanna talk cheesiness and cool-but-empty eye candy in Gundam,
>havent you neglected to mention a couple of pre-Wing series? "Gundam ZZ"
>and "Gundam 0083".
>Andrew Dynon
>Things We Learn From Anime: A PO'd Tennyo on a murderous
>search for vengeance is more attractive than an irritable
>Japanese high school girl.
>(Ayashi no Ceres episode 4)
>"We Suzaku Seishi aren't smart enough to give up!"
>- Tasuki, Fushigi Yuugi
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