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> This is part of the retcon/modernization that began with Gundam 0080, in which
> we see Chris Mackenzie wearing a Special Forces style beret and a custom "G-4
> Test Team" jacket. The custom "pilot's jackets" worn by the Immortal 4th
> Platoon members is a natural extension of this.

I recognize this, however the 4th team are the only ones wearing these new color
coats. Kou and company dont wear this coat and are never seen wearing berets, just
Monsha and company. On one hand, I could buy the coats being the equivalent to the
Army's Class A dress uniform with coat and Monsha and company, coming from colder
climes (as the talk about) havent shed them for the Class B short-sleeve shirts like
Kou and company wear. Still doesnt really resolve the beret issue though, unless
that's part of the full dress uniform too.

> For what it's worth, my old eyes saw the jacket facings as brown, not burgundy,
> and I assumed that they were leather jackets a la the "bomber jackets" that were
> so popular at the time.

I personally think they're more traditional dress coats, like the polyester ones of
today, especially with the kaki sleeves. IMO, Kou and company wear more of the
typical leather bomber-jackets, albeit in Navy (ie Top Gun) style.


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