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Well, in Japanese Bishounens are not people who are perfect. They are
defined as young males around the age of 20 or slightly younger who have
talent and good looks. More specifically, have money, good jobs, etc etc.
However, the initial two attributes are enough to define anybody has a
bishounen. As said before though, I'm not aggrevated about bishounens
being in the show, I'm more irritated about WHY people like GW, and the
overall sloppiness of GW. If you've ever been to the GW ML, it's pretty
much a nightmare. My friend who runs the or has had a major part of
running the GW ML, has told me nightmare stories about the type of
conversations on the ML. It's almost as bad as the
moral/concept/religious/theoretical arguments that they have on the Eva ML
way back then. Has everybody ever thought why does the arguments only
happen over such contraversial stories/Animes?


>I dunno about them Wing boys being "bishonen who are a brush stroke away from
>perfect" - I think they're all flawed characters, which makes up part of
>appeal, except they are more like cardboard cut-outs than the more 3-
>dimensional characters you tend to find in Tomino's heroes.
>Did anyone notice that Tomino's male leads are always lacking the typical
>"spiky hair" which plagues 99.99% of Japanese male lead characters?
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