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> Subject: [gundam] Budgundy Uniforms
> Question for those who may be in the know. Why do Monsha and company
> have burgundy-faced coats and berets? Is it because they're One Year
> War veterans or because they're a special unit or something? Anybody
> got the answer on this one?

This is part of the retcon/modernization that began with Gundam 0080, in which
we see Chris Mackenzie wearing a Special Forces style beret and a custom "G-4
Test Team" jacket. The custom "pilot's jackets" worn by the Immortal 4th
Platoon members is a natural extension of this. MS pilots would be an elite
force compared to the rest of the UNT Spacy -- I mean, the Earth Federation
Space Forces -- and would thus have some distinguishing uniform items.

It should be noted that the Nazification of the Zeon and the introduction of
real-world sidearm designs (pistols, submachineguns, etc.) all began with Gundam
0080 in 1989 and were continued with Gundam 0083 in 1991. Prior to that, in
Gundam through CCA, the Zeon were presented quite differently and the sidearms
were all unique and futuristic.

(Well, I suppose, a case could be made that the Nazification of Zeon began with
Gundam Sentinel and carried over to Gundam 0080 when those fans all turned

For what it's worth, my old eyes saw the jacket facings as brown, not burgundy,
and I assumed that they were leather jackets a la the "bomber jackets" that were
so popular at the time.


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