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> And that brings me back on topic: We know the Jedi use a sort of
> preternatural sensing ability. I know the Newtypes have a version of this
> also. What are the differences...?

There aren't any, really. In both cases, it's a case of the character in
question being able to look a few seconds into the future and thus anticipate
the opponent's next move even as it's being executed. This allows you to shoot
where the enemy is going to be or move to block a strike at the same time it's

In For The Barrel, which is supposedly based on Tomino's writings, this ability
is called "forecast" and is one of "The Nine" characteristics that comprise the

Interestingly, this idea hasn't been used all that much in the past, but it
predates Gundam by a good decade and a half. I first read of it in the 1966
Modesty Blaise novel "I, Lucifer" by Peter O'Donnell, based on his popular comic
strip. Modesty, an accomplished martial artist, is beaten by Lucifer, a
psychic, because he can anticipate her every move and counter it exactly. (She
later wins by getting him to consciously try to anticipate her, instead of just
letting it happen, thus negating his psychic ability, which works

An interesting variation is the "temporal fugue" used in Roger Zelazny's
Creatures Of Light And Darkness. Here, the characters actually jump a few
seconds into the future or the past, seeming to disappear at some moments and
double team or triple team the opponent at others.


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