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On Wed, 18 Oct 2000 03:32:31 Edward Ju wrote: >> >>-- >> >>On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 22:06:17 >> KurenaiJiku wrote: >>>Hey I liked those satanic heavy metal bands...ok maybe not those satanic >>>ones, but I thoroughly enjoy X Japan all the time. They are my favorite >>>band since I first heard the midi version of Kurenai. >>> >>>Kuren >>> >>Heavy MetaL!! X Japan Hmmm, I dont have much J-Rock but te ones I have are >>OK. As for true metal old Sabbath and Iron Maiden is still the best... >>oops... we're supposed to be talking about GUNDAM dammit... > >Well... I think Animetal did a version of the Gundam opening song, IIRC. >There, we're back on topic, hehehe. > >As for Maiden, I hope you got a chance to see them on the current tour >before they left the states. Rob Halford's new band opened for them and >their new CD was awesome, it's perfect driving music. > >Eddie

Sorry if this is again not about Gundam, but I know for a fact that Maiden has reformed. Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson are back (I loved the Powerslave days) Praise the Lord... Now back to Gundam

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