Danny Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 17:24:11 -0700

I been working on a Japanese commercial lately, and the producer on this commercial
happens to be a big Gundam fan. I guess he noticed some Gundam toys I have in my
room, suddenly I became his best friend. He was talking all day about Gundam. One
thing that interested me the most was when he told me, he heard that next Gundam
series will have some 3D elements in it. If next project is " For the Barrel ", may
be that explains simple mechanical Gunboy design?? Well, this guy was a big talker.
So, don't take it seriously. I just thought it will be cool if they really do this.
I just want you guys to know. Do you guys think it's possible? I think it has some
potential. I believe next series could be targeted to American viewer. They might do
something extra? At least, if they do background and ships in 3D. Like they used 3D
in " Ghost in the shell ". Anyway, just take it as a rumor.


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