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<< usly, though. We really should realize that with the freedom of
 speech also comes the great responsibility of using it well and with
 respect. >>

  I think I may beharsh at times, but I do try to be responsible everytime I
write something. I was floored when I saw ton's of "GW aint no Gundam" posts.
I deleted most of them, because the subject was asking for backlash, and the
one's I replyed to are the only one's I read.

  I just ask this, but we all, me included, need to try our best to change
the subject line, so people can sort throught the GML postings easier. It's
hard sometimes to think up a good, descriptive subject line, but any subject
line, is better then 30(not an excat number) of the same subject. Say
something called "MS weapons" changes into a Newtype discussion. It could be
as simple as changing "MS Weapons" into "Newtype Discussion -was- MS
weapons". A lot of times we get caught up in the discussion and forgot to
alter the subject to reflect the change in discussions, I know I am guilty of
it :(

  If we get carried away and forgot to change the subject line, someone needs
to politely and civilly, let us know this, so that we can change it. It seems
that's what Z was trying to get at, in his post. Z was just most likely tired
of sorting through 40 of the same subject line. It probably took ages for Z
to download all that, it most have been a pain.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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