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>> You're not alone, I feel the same way based on what I've seen. You do
>> have to keep in mind that most of Tomino's Gundam TV series start really
>> slow though, V Gundam was a prime example. They had to restructure the
>> chronology of events so they could show a Gundam in the first episode
>> (although IMHO it really screws up the flow). Zeta was also kind of
>> dragging until after the Jaburo invasion.
>It seems like that the first 8-10 episodes are always there just to
>introduce all the
>main characters - you're right in that the real plot always seems to build
>Is Turn A the same way - the summaries make it seem as if it is this slow
>the whole show.

Turn A I think is mired by lack of action and death tolls, which makes it
quite different from a typical UC Gundam show. OTOH Tomino introduces new
characters constantly in shows like Zeta Gundam. So even though it did
start slow he didn't really sit on the characters to let them build the plot.

>So Diana wanted to negotiate for some land instead of conquer? This seems to
>more sense. Thanks.

You're welcome. :) She's sort of ignorant of all the backstabbing until
later in the series.

>> I haven't seen that one yet, but I think the idea is to put two characters
>> on the other side so they get to see what the "enemy"'s aspirations and
>> are from a very different perspective.
>This makes sense - but seems a little farfetched to carry on as long as it
>did in
>Turn A.

Well, the identity switch wasn't completely secret - on both sides there were
people who knew "hey, this ain't her" but luckily most of those who knew
decided to protect the person instead of harm her.


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